• Logistics

    Transport and recovery of drilling and production fluids. Transport of sand for Fracking in Trucks and Hoppers, Transportation of Drilling Cutting, Transport of Pipes and Tools drilling, workover and pulling RIGs, DTM of equipment. Provision of pumping equipment, vacuums and vactors.

  • Earthworks

    Construction and maintenance of locations; Construction, repair and maintenance of roads, soil blasting, soil excavation, environmental sanitation, geo membranes placement, construction of wellheads in locations and abandonment of locations.

  • Oil & Gas Drilling Solid Control

    Elimination of undesired solids concentration in drilling fluids. Primary and secondary separation in drilling operations. Recovery of fluids for reuse, recovery of densifying material, service of Dewatering, flocculation, Slop Oil and purification of water.

  • Environmental Services

    Collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of solid and liquid waste. Soil bioremediation in situ. Environmental sanitation. Recycling of RSAU, Compost generation, installation and commissioning of Heat destruction furnace.