Historical Review

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In November 2001, TSB S.A Company was born, starting in the oil market. TSB SA started billing in January 2002 for dry lease services in Rincón de los Sauces, Río Gallegos and Comodoro and collection of hydrocarbon waste at Loma La Lata and Rincón de los Sauces.

Later, the organization begins to develop the liquid cargo service in Loma La Lata and El Portón, strengthening itself in a new market. In February 2006, ISO 9001 was certified and OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14000 were incorporated into an Integrated Management System. The objective of applying the working methodology of the "Integrated Management System" is consistent with another of the company's principles, the preservation of the environment, the prevention of accidents, incidents and diseases, as well as achieving continuous improvement in the quality of the services provided to its clients.

Despite the global crisis of 2008/9, he continued his upward project taking advantage of all emerging opportunities, strongly increasing his level of activity. This was associated with a permanent reinvestment of profits in fixed assets and resorting to third-party capital through leasing and pledge, thus ensuring a high-tech fleet that puts the firm at the highest level of quality of service, Reliability and prices.

At the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, there is another leap in the history of the TSB Company, incorporating the Soil Movement service. This fact meant for the company an important increase of personnel, machinery, operative and administrative work. In 2011, it became significant in the liquid cargo service throughout the Neuquén basin, from Río Negro, Neuquén, La Pampa and Mendoza. During that same year, a new service was added, treating contaminated soil, adding to the environmental services already existing in the company, such as the integral management of waste and the transport of hazardous waste.

In 2012, a new control of solids was incorporated in the province of Mendoza and in Loma de la Lata, Neuquén province. For this, it was necessary to make a heavy investment in specialized machines such as Zaranda, etc. This type of equipment was only produced outside the country. In view of the current difficulty in acquiring imported items, TSB S.A. It has decided to hire certain national companies to carry out their elaboration and in this way be able to face the proposed weakness. Likewise, the short-term objective is to start the development of Centrifuges with the support of national agencies.

In this year, within the framework of the soil bioremediation activity, a laboratory is being built for development and research purposes in order to stop outsourcing technical services, analysis and testing, trying to master all the critical links of the delivery process of the service, which will optimize the time of treatment of the soil, and a better positioning of the company in this fragment of the market. As of 2014 a process of Reengineering of all the processes with greater professionalization of the Areas and with the incorporation of SAP ERP software and the development of customized software to take control and information of all operating units and the various services performed in the company. Since 2015, significant investments have been made in equipment to be at the forefront in the provision of services.

Because of the above Company TSB SA has more than 15 years of experience in providing services in the Oil and Gas industry in the Provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, La Pampa, Santa Cruz, Mendoza and Salta, permanently satisfying the needs of its customers in a relationship based on trust and commitment, generating sustainable value over time for all parties involved. The support of Company TSB S.A. is based on the trajectory and experience of all the human team member of the company, offering their services under procedures of total quality, committed to the change that these times require.

Mission y Vision


The mission of the organization is to proactively and reliably provide liquid and solid cargo transportation services, soil movement, drilling solids control, sorting, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste, permanently satisfying the needs of its customers, prioritizing commercial relations and trust between the parties, assuming the commitment to generate sustainable value in time for all the people involved.


The Vision is to transform itself into a customer-oriented organization, to achieve operational excellence and recognition in Argentina in the provision of Transportation and Oil & Gas Services for Upstream / Downstream Industry, keeping at the forefront of the latest technological advances.

Our Team


Director / Sr. Claudio E. Urcera
Direction Assistant / Cra. Griselda Benjamín
Operations Manager / Sr. Fernán Pereyra
Administration Manager / Cr. Rubén Schmidt
Administration Manager / Lic. Jorge Boltshauser
Human Resources / Sra. Elizabeth San
Manager of Institutional Relations / Cr. José Herrera
Head of Supply Chain / Lic. Cecilia Roza
Head of Services / Sr. Jorge Parra
Health / Dr. Javier Fernández

External Consultants

Safety / Environment Ceo Natura
Legal and Technical Study / Dra. Noel Rodríguez y Asociados


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