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Due to the imperious need to certify our activities and services under internationally recognized quality, safety, occupational health and environment standards, we oriented all efforts, under an integrated Management System, to achieve ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

By joining together the endeavor of every member in the pursuit of improving the quality of life or our personnel and complete satisfaction of all our customers, by analyzing the critical points of our services and aiming at a process of continuous improvement, by assessing all our activities and services identifying risks and environmental aspects to prevent occupational illnesses in the short and long run and by committing ourselves to safeguard the environment, thinking in the present and the future generations, we achieved a key change in the organization's culture, positioning ourselves in the local market and becoming the first Company in the oil-field to be certified for a Trinorm Integrated Management System.

Furthermore we have reached level 4 in safety granted by the ART, in compliance with resolution 222 of the Occupational Risks Superintendence. This level positions us among the companies that implement safety tools over and above the ones required by law. This achievement encourages us to keep in the pursuit of the benefit of all the parts involved.

Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

TSB S.A. Board of Directors regards the Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy as an integral component of business and a priority in all the company's managerial line. Hence, the Board assumes the responsibility to ensure its dissemination and compliance in all the spheres of the organization. Furthermore, the Board undertakes to perform all activities linked to the processes and services in a manner that guarantees an efficient and effective management, which comprises compliance of the established requirement and customer satisfaction standards.

In order to fulfill this undertaking, the following principles had been established:
• Maintain high levels performance within a process of continuous improvement in accordance to all applicable laws and regulations and any voluntary agreement.

• Prevent and minimize environmental pollution by training our personnel the importance of protecting the environment.
• Establish safe work practices in order to prevent incidents injuries and occupational illnesses by means of risk identification, assessment and control, and proactive management.
• Uphold and effective management of processes to reduce waste and minimize resources consumption.
• Optimize costs, expenses and returns in order to achieve excellence in our products and services.
• Educate, train and motivate our personnel for a responsible performance in regards to Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

Corporate Social Responsability

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We are convinced that by working win Corporate Social Responsibility we stimulate economic growth, promote social development and environmental awareness, and contribute to sustainable development.

We play an active role in the creation of initiatives and projects of social investment that contribute to solve the necessities of our community. We undertake this from an integral and strategic point of view, always respecting ethical values and the construction of common welfare. This is our commitment and our challenge with future.

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